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Moody Law Firm, LLC is a full-service estate planning law firm with a mission of improving the quality of life for your loved ones. Learning about the strategies behind estate planning will empower you to control how your assets are used after a catastrophic accident or illness and how they are passed to future generations.

Estate planning is essential because none of us can predict when we will die or become ill. We help you to address what happens to your family and property upon your death and to enable others to make healthcare and financial decisions for you in the event of incapacity while you are still alive. A proper estate plan ensures your wishes are carried out, provides optimal tax avoidance, and makes things easier for your family during difficult times.

It is a common myth that estate planning is only for the wealthy. Planning for the future is important for everyone. If you have a bank account, retirement fund, car, home, or other property—you have an estate. More importantly, if you have a spouse, minor children, or other dependents, an estate plan is imperative to protect their interests and future needs.

What Happens When You Don’t Have an Estate Plan in Georgia or Florida?

If you don’t have an estate plan in place, then state law and the courts will decide who gets your assets when you pass and who will make healthcare or financial decisions for you in a crisis.

Are you concerned about safeguarding assets, reducing estate taxes, avoiding probate, providing for a special needs child, or protecting a loved one’s inheritance from divorce or creditors? It is critical to create your estate plan and update it regularly. Life evolves, and we can review your plan for changes if:

  • You have purchased or sold property
  • You have married, divorced, or remarried
  • You have experienced the birth or adoption of a child, or the addition of stepchildren
  • You have inherited money or other assets
  • You have grandchildren

Moody Law Firm, LLC ensures your estate plan will work when you need it. We set up specific trusts to ensure assets are properly protected during your lifetime and after death. Your goals determine the type of trust we recommend. Educational resources ensure that your loved ones understand your wishes and their designated roles in a medical emergency or when administering your estate.

Our clients benefit from the most current estate planning documents and asset protection strategies, completely customized to their unique needs and circumstances. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve achieved your estate planning goals.

At Moody Law Firm, LLC, Walt Moody understands your concerns from personal experience and is driven to help you protect assets, reduce estate taxes, avoid probate, or settle an estate successfully. Having been seriously injured in a car crash in college, Walt understands the importance of being prepared for life-changing events. He applies this knowledge to the areas of elder law and estate planning when helping clients with emotional and complex issues, such as establishing trusts to provide for a special needs child or disabled loved one. Contact us to learn more about estate planning tools and for support and guidance with federal, Georgia, and Florida state laws.

Trust us to put our vast resources and experience to work for you! Secure your future by contacting us today!

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